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VLCC Institutes Blended Learning App is established as the holistic online learning platform for VLCC Nutrition courses to provide real time training to students by incorporating all aspects Wellness and Nutrition and assist the students in achieving quality education to promote uninterrupted career development in the Healthcare industry through the model of learning, training and skill development.

The App features a range of Nutrition and Dietetics professional courses to educate; train and skill students with 24X7 accesses to the online classes and course materials for augmented understanding and learning to amplify focus on regular practice sessions, revisions, intensive tests and assessment evaluation reports for complete professional development as Dieticians.

The app has been created to deliver all learning and training to students under the guidance of industry and healthcare specialists for a pragmatic approach and successful career building avenue for student’s to harness maximum potential with video lectures, training and certifications.


The App comprises of multiple features that boost learning and training along with evaluation based features to monitor progress.
  • Dashboard

    The VLCC blended learning app features a dashboard for students to check the numbers of lectures completed, number of topics remaining and their overall progress.

  • Ask an Expert

    section provides the students with the option to clarify their doubts, make enquiries in regard to their subject of choice and get interactive with faculty members who share immediate responses to guide the student.

  • Upload

    the upload feature allows students to submit their projects and assignments to the faculty for evaluation and assessment.

  • Report

    The Report section consists of remarks by the faculty for the students to evaluate their progress.

  • My Logbook

    The My Logbook feature of the VLCC Blended Learning App helps students check on one or more courses they have opted for. This section allows students to check how many lectures have been completed.

  • My Attendance

    The My Attendance section allows the students to check their attendance and keep a tab on their course progress.

  • My Syllabus

    This section comprises of the syllabus of the course the student has enrolled in. As the app is personalized for each student as per their unique user ID, students can easily stay updated on their syllabus according to their chosen subjects.

  • Leave Calendar

    This helps each student check on the leaves they have taken so they can continue their learning from where they left it before the leaves.

  • My Document

    The My Document section allows the students to access their accomplishment certificates on the successful completion of the course.


Educational Video Lessons | Online Certification | 24 X 7 Learning | Limitless Practice

  • 24X7 Access
  • Skill Building Classes
  • Complete Course Material
  • Video Lectures
  • Regular Assessments
  • Feedback Portal


Engaging & educational video lessons, live classes, personalized learning, Online Assessments & Certification
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Team VLCC Institute aims at transcending the journey of many aspirants from that of a student to a professional. With over more than 10,000+ pre-launch downloads, the Blended Learning App caters to the educational & skill building requirements of students through a seamless conduct of classes equipped with online video training.